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Your past has not broken you, it’s a bold reminder of how brave you really are.


Now let’s use that courage to transform how you show up for yourself and those you care about most…


…so you can be the kind of person that feels harmony in their heart and home. 

About Dr. Willis


I’m Dr. Lynyetta Willis, a Relationship Evolutionary, Psychologist, Author, and Family Empowerment Coach.


For close to two decades, I’ve integrated science and soul to help people shift unhelpful patterns in their lives and their most sacred relationships so they can feel peace and avoid regret.


You’ve been through some “stuff” and God knows you’ve done some deep emotional and spiritual work to get over it all.


You’ve spent time (and money) developing the insights and awareness you feel you need to move forward and live a fulfilled life with those you love.


But no matter how many ah-ha moments you have, there’s still a part of you that fills with regret when you lash out, shut down, give up, go on autopilot, or repeat unhealthy patterns with your partner,

kids, other family members…or yourself.


You want to stop the “bad” habits you’ve developed as a person, partner, or parent. You want to replace the unhelpful behaviors modeled for you growing up. You’re afraid of screwing up your kids, your partnership, or other important connection.


I’ve been there and if I’ve learned anything on my personal journey it’s this… :


…if you wanna get to peace, you’re gonna have to start a (R)Evolution.

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How I Can Help

Coach with Me if...

You’re ready to transform your parenting, partnership, or personal mindset so you can feel more joy, peace, and harmony in your home.

Bring Me to Your School or Company if...

You’re ready to strengthen the personal and professional relationships of your people so they can cultivate the mindsets and behaviors needed to teach, lead, perform, or parent effectively with confidence and clarity.

Hire Me to Speak if...

You’re ready to empower your audience with upbeat and practical guidance so they can shift how they think and respond in their lives and relationships.

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