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Elemental Living™: Dealing with the 3 Tantrum Types the Elemental Living Way eBook

Explore how learning the 3 tantrum types can help you stay calm & more connected with your kids and an easy research-supported imagery system that will help you feel more confident & compassionate as a person & parent.

I am loving your ebook and love that I can talk about this model with my 7 year old, and that he can instantly understand the concept. And then tell me that he needs me to bring water to his earth tantrum an hour after we first talked about it! Thanks a bunch, I am so appreciative for all of the people like you that are paving our path for change -Jen G.

I am LOVING this approach. As the Behavioral Specialist…I am meeting with my principle to introduce and hopefully implement this approach with our para’s and teacher’s to help students. -Holly T.

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Elemental Living™: 4 Paths to Calm Your Family Chaos eBook

Are you a frustrated parent or partner? Use these 4 methods right now to begin transforming your most frustrating (but sacred) relationships.

I am VERY inspired by Dr. Willis – Alex R.

Couples Meditation Audio (Coming Soon)

My partner (Patrick) and I demonstrate 5 meditations you can do to calm and connect with your partner. Grab a partner and set the intention to get closer and go deeper in your relationship (G-rated, of course…lol).

“I love these! Thank you for these beautiful practices.!” – Natalia G.

Woman Relaxing Listening To Music Wearing Headphones

Soul-Sight Meditation Audio (Coming Soon)

When we look at ourselves and others through the eyes of our soul, we find clarity, compassion, and wisdom. Through this meditation you will venture into the theater of your soul so you can gain insight into what blocks you from showing up as the parent, partner, or person you know you can be in your life and relationships!

“That was amazing. I met with my husband’s soul during this meditation. That was really healing.” – Martha C.

silhouette of a young beautiful woman with long hair in headphones in meditation posture with the full moon on the background

Connect to your Higher Self Meditation Audio (Coming Soon)

Ever have those moments where you really want guidance and truth about a circumstance or a relationship but the chatter in your head is just too loud? This guided meditation will help you access the insight you seek!

“I felt a profound sense of peace and joy. I can’t wait to see what guidance shows up in the next days and weeks!” – Martina B.

“Oh my goodness, that was incredible. So relaxing, so needed.” – Jill B.

Parenting Triggers: 12 Powerful Strategies to turn Overreactions into Effective Responses eBook

I struggle with triggers as a mom and as a wife. I’m already seeing changes as I incorporate these tools. Thank you! – Elia J.

The Spiritual Guide to Turning Power Struggles into Power Sharing eBook

I love the concept of sharing power with my kids. This was not done in my childhood home. Kids were second class citizens. I’m so thankful to have a new approach that also gives me a new way to look at my kiddos. Thank you! – Vera A.

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