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School Services

Professional Development

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Parent Education

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Administration/School Leaders

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Hi, I’m Lynyetta.

I’m a coach consultant, family empowerment coach, and psychologist. I help [heart centered?], competent coaches, coach with confidence. You’ll have the support you need to avoid feeling confused, anxious, and blindsided by client issues so you can keep loving what you do. You’ll learn to see when your “stuff” or your clients deeper issues are getting in the way of moving towards your clients goals (what to do about it). You’ll also have a clear sense of ethical issues as they arise so you can avoid scary malpractice threats or bad reviews that can cost you time, money, and your reputation. Through our work, you’ll feel at peace both personally and professionally so your business can thrive.

As a result of this package you’ll:
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Package includes:

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Let’s get started!

Step 1: Click the Schedule a Consultation button.

Step 2: You’ll be taken to a page to schedule a 30 minute call.

Step 3: We’ll chat about your needs and next steps


Still have questions? I’ll be happy to help!

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