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Multi-award winning author, Dr. Lynyetta G. Willis, is an experienced speaker and workshop facilitator.  In fun and engaging ways, Dr. Willis invites her audiences to tap into the courage, confidence, and clarity we all possess to shift their mindsets, access their inner-guidance, and achieve their goals. 


When the curtain closes, Dr. Willis’ audiences are left with more than sound bites and “feel good” statements. She seamlessly integrates her gifts of metaphor, humor, and almost two decades of experience as a psychologist and researcher. Dr. Willis empowers adults, teens, and families through practical guidance, tools, and life enhancing strategies that invite them to live in alignment with their highest, wisest ​(often forgotten) selves.


Dr. Willis has delivered engaging and empowering workshops and speeches to organizational leaders, mental health practitioners, spiritual communities, parents, women’s groups, teens, and college students. She specializes in spiritually-centered therapy, trauma healing, and is the creator of the Elemental Living Parenting program.


​Dr. Willis has made numerous appearances on television and radio shows as a spiritual teacher, parenting, and trauma expert.

Signature Presentation

The Spiritual P.A.T.H. to a Thriving Family


Many of us experience a disconnect between the vision we hold for ourselves as people, parents and partners, and their day-to-day reality. Despite self-awareness, spiritual practices, and good intentions, we often find ourselves second-guessing decisions or welling up with guilt, shame, and confusion during those high-stress moments as parents and partners. We want to have loving and deep connections with our partners. We want to raise resilient, confident children who live fulfilled lives but at times we feel clueless, deflated, and as if they we’re falling short. In The Spiritual Path to a Thriving Family, attendees will explore four paths they can take to embrace parenting and their partnerships as a spiritual practice. They will learn key ways they and their family can feel more present, resilient and connected to each other and their Highest and wisest selves. Specifically, Dr. Willis will walk attendees through her Spiritual P.A.T.H. Framework TM and Elemental Living Model for Parenting and Personal Leadership. Dr. Willis invites attendees to deepen their awareness of their relationship with their children and partners by exploring what it means to view relationships as a spiritual practice. By viewing relationships as a spiritual practice, parents and partners will explore ways to view their most important relationships, not simply as roles they serve, but as a journey they embrace. They will learn tools they can use consistently to raise their compassion, self-awareness, confidence, perspective and connection to themselves and their families.


Key Takeaways for the Audience:

Discover the four foundations of most spiritual practices that can help you demystify those difficult relationship dynamics.

Explore the early mindsets you inherited growing and how they impact how you show up in your most important relationships as a person, parent, and partner.

Discover personalized tools you can use to regain your center when you find yourself out of balance.

Investigate powerful ways to retrain your brain to maintain your center during high stress moments.

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The Elements of Parenting: Find Connection During Crazy Making Family Moments


Using her innovative Elemental Living Model for Parenting and Personal Leadership (ELM), Dr. Willis helps parents to find compassion during the most stressful family moments. The ELM is a research informed model guided by imagery, brain science, and mindfulness principles.

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