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Work With Me

“If we do not transform our pain, we will most assuredly transmit it — usually to those closest to us:

our family, our neighbors, our co-workers, and invariably, the most vulnerable, our children.”

-Fr. Richard Rohr

Hi, I’m Lynyetta!

As a psychologist and family empowerment coach. I help families and individuals strengthen their parenting, partnership, and personal growth practices so they can feel harmony in their home, their relationships, and within themselves. Through our work they calm their inner chaos, form a clear actionable vision for those important relationships, and make a practical plan to get them there so they can stay connected and grow closer as a family.

Individuals, Couples and Families

You’re a person, parent, or partner who is ready to close that gap between how you show up and who you know you can be for yourself and your family.

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You’re family can feel like your greatest gift and at times your greatest frustration. When you feel overwhelmed and angry, you wish you knew what to say and do during those crazy-making moments.  You’re tired of reading books and blogs that don’t quite get your situation. You’ve done a lot of personal or spiritual growth work, but all that goes out the window when your partner, child, parent, or other loved one sets you off. You want a process, a plan, and a practice that resonates with YOU so you can be that parent, partner, or person you want to be for yourself and in your family. (Read More)

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Couples and Families

You’ve been through a lot of “stuff” in your life — childhood family drama, unhealthy romantic relationships, toxic relationship patterns, or negative self-talk you find yourself in again and again. You’ve done quite a bit of healing and personal growth work but you see that you or your partner’s past issues are creeping into your current relationship with each other or with your child. You both want nothing more than to make this relationship work but you recognize that in order to grow together or as a family, you need to work with someone who has the personal and professional experience to understand and guide you both through issues that impact your communication and connection. (Read more).

Elemental LivingTM : Transformational Map Program

You want to create powerful shifts in your life and relationships. But every time you move in one direction, you run into internal or external walls that stop you or send you back to where you started. You find yourself repeating patterns that no longer serve you or feeling overwhelmed with the same thoughts or emotions that send you spiraling into dead ends. In this 90 day program, customized for YOU, we’ll use my Elemental LivingTM transformational mapping system to illuminate a crystal clear vision of where you want to go; create a personalized map to guide you down pathways you know will get you there; and use powerful hypnosis strategies to remove internal blocks and fast track you towards the life and relationships you so deeply want.

Corporations, Businesses, Schools

You’re an organizational leader, heart-centered coach, or school administrator who wants to strengthen communication, awareness, or community so you can help your team, business, or school grow to their fullest potential.

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Heart-centered Coach or Entrepreneur

As a coach, you’ve been doing this for quite a while and you know your stuff! But you wish you had support to avoid feeling confused, anxious, and blindsided by client issues. You wish you could see when your “stuff” or your clients deeper issues get in the way of moving towards their goals (and what to do about it). You want to avoid scary malpractice threats, bad reviews that can cost you time, money, and your reputation so you can keep doing what you love and loving what you do!

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As a corporate leader, you recognize that family and work are inextricably linked. You know that leaders and staff who are happy at home, are leaders and staff who are productive at work. You want your team to feel supported and strengthened at work by supporting and strengthening their relationships at home. You wish you could provide your team the support they need at home so they can be productive at work. You’re relieved by that thought of your staff getting clearer on their personal issues that get in their way of being who you know they can be at work (and them feeling empowered to do something about it).

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As a school administrator you are aware that when your students home life is chaotic, or your teachers feel ill-equipped to handle the emotional or behavioral issues of students, or your administrators feel overwhelmed, your life and the overall functioning of your school are that much more out of alignment with your vision. You wish your parents had the knowledge and guidance to positively pour into their children at home. You want your teachers and fellow administrators to feel supported and competent to handle issues as they arise (and know when additional help is needed). You are excited by the thought of having a school environment where parents, students, and teachers, feels heard, supported, and valued.

I learned that I have the power to heal myself

I loved my time with Dr. Willis; it was so worth it! I learned that I have the power to heal myself. Using what I learned, I’ve seem improvements in my toxic relationship with my mother.

Alia Ghosheh, Pet Sitter

Dr. Willis is a very wise healer

Dr. Willis is a very skilled facilitator and a very wise healer. I was able to grow, learn and expand, both in my personal life and in my healing practice. During our work, I met my husband’s Spirit Guide. That was really important for me… as I gained wisdom and felt more compassion towards him. I also loved incorporating the four elements. When you work with Dr. Willis you will learn a lot about yourself and your relationship while having FUN!

Martha Cook, Energy Healer

I felt safe

Dr. Willis is knowledgeable, confidant, organized, and authentic… I felt safe and able to clarify my needs and my triggers. I learned strategies to have a bit more patience and improve my family relationships. I’m now able to think more about my partners perspective and not escalate frustrating moments.

Cathy Payne, Author

I discovered ways that I was hiding from myself

While working with Dr. Willis… I felt cared for, heard, and held by her. I discovered ways that I was hiding from myself and how those fears impacted how I was showing up for my son.

Pam Muller, Spiritual Director

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